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Around 3.2 billion people have access to the Internet. That's amazing, but it's fewer than half of the 7 billion or so people on earth. And while Internet access was once a luxury, it is quickly becoming essential as the world's commerce, educational resources, and entertainment move online.
Availability - Remote mobile sites cost 2 to 3 times as much as urban sites, and can reach fewer people.
Affordability - To get online, the 2.7 billion people who are not mobile phone users face costs three times higher than those who are.
Relevance - While those in developed countries often think of the internet as a time killer, many in developing nations fail to see the relevance of getting online. In order to make the web relevant to them, it would need to prove useful, relatable and accessible.
CONNECT is one of few companies and organizations that are trying to bring connectivity to underserved regions of the world. The company's largest effort is a venture with Reliance Jio, a wireless telecom provider based in India that has more than 100 million subscribers. CONNECT is also supplying 12 countries in Africa with Wi-Fi network access points at low cost, thereby helping the wireless carrier offer Wi-Fi hotspot access to consumers for free or at a very low cost.
Our team of 27 engineers is developing new and innovative ways to connect the World.
Provide internet access to unserved countries all around the globe.
Make the internet relevant and accessible for everyone.
Develop and implement new technologies that will help to bring the Internet to everyone.

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